Telenor Eiendom Holding AS


Updated June 13th, 2018

  1. Introduction

This privacy statement applies related to use of services that Telenor Eiendom Holding offers users of buildings that Telenor Eiendom Holding AS own or manages. Examples of services are visitor registration, access control and CCTV (camera surveillance). The purpose of the privacy statement is to inform you on how Telenor Eiendom Holding AS (subsequently «Telenor Eiendom») treat your personal information, and what you give consent to by using our services.

The purpose of the services provided by Telenor Eiendom is mainly to make everyday life easier for you as an employee in, or visitor to a Telenor Eiendom building. You get access to different services offered by Telenor through partners and vendors.

Telenor Eiendom is processor for handling personal information collected through use of services offered employees, tenants and users of our buildings. The daily processor responsible is mainly done by our partner ISS. Personal information is any piece of information or assessment that can be tied to a specific person. Pictures and videos are also personal information. Processing of personal information is any use of personal information, like collection, registration, comparison, storing or distribution or a combination of these methods of use.

Please spend some time to get to know our guidelines for protection of personal information. Contact us if you have any questions related to this. Contact information can be found in bullet point 3 of this document.

  1. Personal Information processed about you

    2.1.   Introduction

In the following we give a general explanation regarding what kind of personal information we collect, for which purpose and services the personal information will be used and also which third party who has access to the information given. Finally we give an overview of the different services delivered in our buildings.

2.2.   Personal information gathered by Telenor Eiendom

Telenor Eiendom need to process some personal information to be able to offer services like visitor registration, access control and mail delivery, we simply need to know who you are. This means that we will store information about movements in the building, your name and name of the company, phone number and email address.

Telenor Eiendom does NOT collect the following personal information: Sensitive personal information, including racial or ethnical background, or political, philosophical or religious standing, information about criminal offences, health information, sexual relations or labor union belonging.

    2.3.   The purpose of processing your personal information

We process your personal information only to the extent necessary for you to be able to enjoy the services we offer employees, tenants and users of our buildings, and also to maintain, protect and further develop our services. The legal basis for this processing is contract fulfillment or justified interest, see the Personal Data Act § 8.

    2.4.   Sharing personal information with others

We do not share your data with others except when Telenor Eiendom is obliged to do so through legislation, legal processes, legal disputes and/or inquiries from public authorities within or outside the country in which you reside – to further pass on your personal information. We can also share information about you if we find it necessary or appropriate related to national security, to maintain law and order or other public considerations.

    2.5.   Schematic view of processing

Table below shows a generic overview of data collected and stored, and whether shred with third party suppliers.

Service Personal information Supplier
Access control Name, cell phone number, mail address, company, building  
Visitor registration Name, cell phone number, company, building
Camera surveillance (CCTV) Name, cell phone number, mail address, company building
Lunch registration Name, cell phone number, mail address, company, building  
Mail derlivery Name, mail address, company, building


  1. Your rights regarding handling of personal information

Following are some of the rights you have according to the personal data act:

  • You have a legal right to ask for access to your personal information.
  • You have a right to ask for correction, deletion or restriction regarding your personal information.

You can contact Telenor Eiendom på if you wish to exercise your rights, as covered in writing here, or have other questions related to the processing of your personal information.

You also have the right to complain to the Norwegian Data Protection Authority, if you feel your rights have been offended, by the use of personal information described in this document. Contact information to the Norwegian Data Protection Authority is: Norwegian Data Protection Authority, Mailbox 8177, Dep 0034 Oslo, email:, Phone: +47 2239 69 00.

  1. Storage time

We will store your personal information for as long as necessary to be able to deliver services to you. Your personal information will be deleted within maximum 3 months from receiving your inquiry for deletion.

  1. Security

Telenor Eiendom take securities related to personal information very seriously and protect personal information transferred. When Telenor Eiendom store personal information, we use systems with restricted access and placed in locations with physical security protection. Telenor Eiendom has done organizational, technical and administrative actions to protect personal information in the organization. Telenor Eiendom has taken the necessary steps to protect your personal information from loss, improper use, unauthorized access, modification and distribution. You should be aware that no security procedure or protocols can guarantee 100% security from intrusion or hacking.