The Telenor Way of Working også hos Telenor Bulgaria

I samarbeid med Telenor Eiendom har Telenor Bulgaria gjennomført et ambisiøst og kompleks prosjekt med oppussing av alle etasjer i deres hovedkontor. Telenor Bulgaria har nå innført The Telenor Way og Telenors arbeidsplassmodell.


Telenor Bulgaria employees are making a physical step into the new working environment, a result of an ambitious and complex project involving Telenor Bulgaria and Telenor Real Estate employees.

At the first employee gathering after Telenor Bulgaria became part of the Telenor Group, it was announced that the company will create a new working environment. Almost a year later and after implementing flexible working time and tools for telework (work from home), close to 250 Telenor Bulgaria employees moved into renovated floors. On August 13 2014, they were celebrating the official opening.

Reflects the Telenor Way

A project called the «New Working Environment» means more than new furniture or painted walls. It represents a total change in the way people work, offices that reflect the Telenor Way. Our colleagues in Bulgaria are now getting a recognizable «Telenor office», with activity based open landscape, where any Telenor employee worldwide could easily feel at home.


Co-creation: Telenor Bulgaria and Telenor Real Estate

The project has been managed in co-operation by Telenor Bulgaria and Telenor Real Estate.

«This has been both an exciting and demanding job, and we are happy that we are able to contribute to the development of premises for Telenor Bulgaria in compliance with the Telenor Workplace model,» says Dragana Jaukovic, from Telenor Real Estate’s International team.

The International team supports Telenor Business Units with consultancy and facility management. Together with the Business Units they work on «workplacing the Telenor Way», by helping the BUs create the office that stimulates creativity, flexibility, communication and transparency.